macOS Big Sur features

Key Features and Enhancements of macOS Big Sur,

macOS Big Sur

Experience - Updated menu bar, Floating Dock, New icons for apps, Lighter window appearance, Redesigned sheets, New and updated sounds, Full-height sidebars, New symbols throughout macOS

Control Center - Customize Control Center, Click for more options (Dark Mode, Night Shift, True Tone, and AirPlay.), Pinto menu bar, Designed just for Mac ( control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, and other settings without using system preferences)

Updated Notification Center - Redesigned widgets, Customize widgets, Discover more third-party widgets, Grouped notifications, Interactive notifications

Safari - Customizable start page, Improved performance, Improved power efficiency, Favicons in tabs (Helpt you to identified opened tabs), See more tabs at once, Website previews, Translation ( Include 7 languages - Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Brazilian Portuguese), Safari extensions on the App Store (help to find great extensions from developers and all the extensions review under the Apple security), WebExtensions API (faster than chrome), Web Speech API, Privacy Report for each website (Import passwords and settings from Chrome and Password monitoring for identifying unauthorized breached)

Messages - Pin conversations along with Multiple pinned conversations, Easily search, Share your name and photo, Image for conversations and automatically shared with all the group members), Mentions with @ sign, Reply to a specific message in a group conversation, New emoji and emoji editor

Maps - Discover the best places, Create your own Guides, smoothly interactive 3D experience with 360 degrees, Cycling routes, Electric vehicle routing, Indoor maps, Live updates for shared ETA, Detailed new maps, Congestion zones, License plate restrictions.

Privacy - Privacy information on the App Store, Self-reported privacy practices, Displayed in a simple format

Software Updates - Faster updates (software update faster than before), cryptographically signed system volume (protects against malicious tampering)

AirPods - automatically switch between iPhone, iPad, and Mac paired to the same iCloud account

Apple Arcade - Game controllers with latest Xbox Series X Wireless Controller or Sony PS5 DualSense™ Wireless Controller, Friends playing recommendations, monitor achievement progress, Continue playing, See all games and filter (filter by release date, updates, category, controller support, and more) Game Center in-game dashboard, Get a notification about upcoming Apple Arcade games

Battery - Optimized Battery Charging, Battery usage history (usage for the past 24 hours and the past 10 days)

Home - Home status, Adaptive Lighting for smart light bulbs, Face Recognition for video cameras and doorbells, Activity Zones for video cameras and doorbells

Music - Autoplay, Library and Discovering your favourite music, artists, interviews, and mixes all in one place, Improved search with Label search

News - Redesign News+ tab, Search updates, Top Hits in search, Additional text styles, Enhanced scanning

Photos - Expanded video and photo editing capabilities, Improved Retouch tool, easy and fluid navigation, Add context to photos and videos with captions, Memories enhancements

Reminders - Easily Sort reminders, Printing Reminders lists, Assign reminders, Smart suggestions for dates and locations, Personalized lists with emoji, Reminder suggestions from Mail, Organize smart lists, New keyboard shortcuts, Improved search

Service and Support Coverage - Apple warranty, AppleCare+ coverage

Spotlight - Improved performance, Streamlined list of results, Support for Quick Look, Integrated into Find menus

Siri - Web answers with New Siri voices and Siri setup options

Voice Memos - organize your Voice Memos recordings, Smart Folders, Enhance Recording

Weather - Users can get an accurate idea about Next-hour precipitation, Significant shifts, Severe weather

International Features - New bilingual dictionaries, Enhanced predictive input for Chinese and Japanese, New fonts for India, Localized message effects in Messages for India

Enhanced FaceTime call